What is Tot Spots?

Tot Spots is Australia’s largest online location based directory of baby and child related amenities.

Tot Spots is designed to simplify outings with little ones by providing you with comprehensive information on location appropriate baby and child amenities - for example, nappy change facilities and high chairs, kids’ meals and play areas - in just one click. We also cover a broad selection of venues (or Tot Spots!) which contain these amenities, from cafes to camp grounds, to pharmacies and even public transport hubs.  Our flexible search options will ensure that you can locate the amenity or venue (or both) needed in your desired location as speedily as possible.

Tot Spots focuses on amenities for the age group 0-10 years and, at present, we have over 10,000 different venues listed across Australia. Most of our detailed listings are currently in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane however we are working feverishly to update and expand our listings Australia wide. In addition to the major capital cities, we also endeavour to cover many popular out of town destinations across Australia to help take some of the drama and fuss out of getaways with little ones!

We aren’t a fancy review site – there are already many out there who provide fantastic detailed information on places to eat with bubs. Our goal is simply to make your life easier by allowing you to search for practical and essential amenities for babies and children, as quickly as possible, wherever you may be.


Who are we?

Tot Spots is brought to you by a team of parents who have wonderful (. . . most of the time!) little boys.

We found that, when out and about with our little ones, particularly when travelling outside our ‘local’ neighbourhoods, we struggled to quickly locate baby and child amenities – whether it was finding a café which had both great coffee and high chair availability, or locating nappy change facilities in an emergency (why is it that the tell-tale smell of a “Code Brown” always strikes when you have left the house?!). To help other parents and carers in the same situation, we decided to compile the details of venues containing publicly available baby and child amenities, or Tot Spots, Australia wide. 

We hope that with the help of Tot Spots’ flexible location and amenity based search options, outings with bubs – be it short trips to the shops, coffee dates with friends and family, or out of town trips- will be just that little bit easier.