As a new parent, I cannot tell you the number of times that I’ve wished I could refer to a manual on how to look after my little one. Not even how to be a good parent – I’m talking the real basics, like How to Change a Nappy.

I’m the first to admit that I have control freak tendencies and I like to be ‘organised’ (‘to do’ lists are my oxygen). So, like all new sleep deprived parents I struggled with knowing what to do, when to do it, how to do it and so on. But it’s possible I took this worry to the next level. The HOURS I spent consulting every resource I could find (and every person who’d listen) on how to sterilise a bottle is, in retrospect, simply embarrassing. I used to take the temperature of the water for the bottles with a FOOD THERMOMETER. Luke warm? Tepid? What does that mean?? GIVE ME THE NUMBERS PEOPLE.

So – as part of the Tot Spots journey, I’m going to periodically share with you some of my best tips and hacks (so that any fellow compulsives can hopefully circumvent the hours on the internet and talking the ears off people like I did, and put their time to a better use – like sleep).

Today I’m starting with a simple but important one – nappy rash.

Nappy rash can be traumatising and painful for the poor tot suffering it, and equally it can be traumatising for you, the parent or carer. It can often appear out of nowhere (for example, as was recently the case, after a day of ‘daddy day care’). I learnt this hack one from a pro – our nanny – who I am so fortunate to have support me (and she humours me no end when it comes to my lists). Bless her.

In her opinion, the best way to prevent nappy rash is to go easy on the wipes (sceptics – please bear with me). In our house we now avoid wipes altogether for nappy changing at home (don’t get me wrong, our house is still well stocked with wipes – but instead we use them for a myriad of different purposes, and they are vital when you are out and about). But when changing a nappy, we use the Blue Squares.

 Blue Squares and water – fighting the good fight

Blue Squares and water - fighting the good fight

Blue Squares are simply Chux wipes (the plain type WITHOUT soap/chemicals implanted) that are cut literally into small blue squares. Keep them by your change table and dip them into a small pot of water to use instead of wipes. Then, (if you want – we usually do, especially at the bed time change) apply your barrier cream and voila – I would be very surprised if this doesn’t help. AND it’s cheap! (We buy the big rolls of Chux from CostCo – brilliant - in theory any cotton wool squares should work). I should add that it only takes a few minutes to cut a whole pile of these squares, just layer the sheets on top of each other and if you have a good set of scissors it’s quite a relaxing exercise. Or if you think that’s insane (it might be), it’s a great role to delegate to those willing (but perhaps not so useful) want-to-be carers in your life.

 The humble Chux roll…who’d have thought?

The humble Chux roll…who’d have thought?

What about if you’re on the go? Our nanny has a solution for that too. The Blue Squares mightn’t be ideal in a Parents Room (and that’s not just because you might look too cheap to buy wipes – cue mummy judgement), instead she suggests that you use the wipes but run some water over them first to cut down on the harshness of the chemicals in them. Even those most ‘natural’ wipes can be quite drying to a baby’s skin so adding the water will help.

As for the barrier cream – she tells me she’s worked on many different skin types over the years and what might work for one baby’s bum might not work for another, so perseverance is the key here – keep trying til you find one that works for your bub. Another preventative tip is to bathe bub only every other day, and try to avoid soap/shampoos in the bath.

And if you do have nappy rash strike, try the Blue Squares plus barrier cream, have plenty of nappy free time and skip the bath. My fellow Tot Spots mum and I were on holidays when the dreaded rash hit her little one. She was initially sceptical (that’s my polite way of saying she accused me of being absolutely nuts – she uses soap and alcohol free organic wipes religiously and thought I had a screw loose when I produced the Chux as my solution). But, being a great friend, she decided to humour me. Lo and behold, we had it under control in 24 hours and she’s now a (begrudging) convert. Thankyou Blue Squares (and our nanny!).

Stay tuned for more of my favourite hacks.

Does you have a nappy rash hack? Did the Blue Squares work for you? We’d love to hear your comments on our Facebook page.

**DISCLAIMER: This post does not constitute medical advice, it is our opinion only. Should your little one suffer nappy rash - or any medical problems - please seek proper medical advice from your health care professional.**